Veggin’ Out at London VegFest 2016

I was in vegan paradise on Saturday at London VegFest! The place was full of happy, enthusiastic, life-loving vegans from all walks of life. It seemed like almost everyone was wearing vegan themed t-shirts (myself included!) as we came together to celebrate an animal-free day.

I’m now kicking myself for not taking more photos, as there were so many great looking stalls…but at least that means that I was too busy to play photographer!

Where I bought my lunch - best hotdogs ever

Where I bought my lunch – best hotdogs ever

Attending VegFest has definitely inspired me to focus more on my activism, too. I have other vegan friends at university/living in Oxford, and we want to get more involved with protests and things like that. I’m talking more about veganism too, which is hopefully encouraging others to look at their own lifestyle choices!

I don’t normally like to buy things unless its absolutely necessary, but since its supporting good causes, I spent so much money at VegFest. I bought six packets of sheese (Bute Island Foods), which is by far my favourite type of vegan cheese. Their Greek-style sheese is simply the best.

My Sheese collection

My Sheese collection

To encourage me to get fitter, I impulsively signed up for the Vegan Runners membership. £4 for a student membership is a great deal, and after joining their group on Facebook, I’m pleased with my decision. The community on there is so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. And now I have to keep running, of course!

I bought three t-shirts, as well. One from Anticarnist, which is amazing because I’ve wanted one of their tees for ages. It’s a lovely fit, and I feel super great when I wear it. I’ve already received a number of compliments off friends around campus, too. I also got two more beautiful tees from Wear Your Voice.


There were quite a few animal sanctuary stalls dotted around, too, which was really lovely. I bought a 2017 calendar from Hillside animal sanctuary, and I had a chat with one of the volunteers, who was really lovely. I’m super inspired by what they do!

My lunch was a  Vegusto hotdog, which was delicious. Since going vegan, it’s been the best hotdog I’ve ever had.

And of course, no trip to VegFest is complete without buying loads of Vegan Sidekick merchandise. Between my boyfriend and I, we bought a (hilarious) poster, a fridge magnet, and a whole bunch of stickers, which I plan on displaying everywhere!

Vegan Sidekick's poster

Vegan Sidekick’s poster

So, after a wonderful day (and I really did spend the whole day there), I headed home on the bus. Back to Oxford, back to the library, back to reality. I can’t wait for next year. Thanks, VegFest. You were awesome.

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One thought on “Veggin’ Out at London VegFest 2016

  1. It sounds so amazing! I was thinking of going this year but something came up and I couldn’t and now I really regret not going – I will definitely go next year, I would love to try all the food and meet new people. Great post x

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